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In a hilarious 3-on-3 interview, our local students pick the brains of some of our International students.



In the interview below, Angus, Mercury and Kinky (three local students) sit down with Vivek, Aurelia and Kyra (three international students) for a conversation that surely holds the Radio 708 record for most laughs per minute.


It’s perhaps no surprise that the life of an International student at HKDI-LWL has some unique challenges, and our local interviewers do a wonderful job of discovering how life is different for non-local students. At the same time, the International students are not shy about turning the tables and getting the interviewers to open up as well.



What unfolds is a funny and freewheeling conversation where we discover that local and non-local students have far more in common with each other than might be expected.

There is some talk at the beginning of the interview about how local students might be nervous to chat with International students because they are afraid their English might not be good enough. As Vivek, Aurelia and Kira point out, they too are intimidated to speak in Cantonese for the same reasons. What this interview demonstrates is that it’s important to just start the conversation. Very likely, the person who you thought was so different from you will be happy you said hello (or “néih hóu”), and you might just make lifelong friend. At the very least, it is an opportunity to learn and, as Angus puts it, “broaden your horizons.”

Kira, Kinky, Mercury, Angus, Aurelia and Vivek

Kyra, Kinky, Mercury, Angus, Aurelia and Vivek



Some of the topics covered here include: where to find authentic international food; the benefits of having local friends; differences in how local and non-local students spend their free time; who is dating who; and, whether Angus does or does not in fact have “MK” style (he insists he does not), among many others.

It’s a truly funny and entertaining interview. Many thanks and congratulations to the interviewers for their hard work on this program, and of course our great appreciation on their behalf to our three International students for being such game subjects and being so willing to share.


It is our genuine hope that this conversation might encourage both local and non-local students to begin more conversations with each other. There’s nothing to lose, and these students show us just how much there can be to gain. “International” simply means “between countries”, after all. No person or place is truly international except in that moment when they reach out to what lies beyond the familiar. It’s in that small, brave act that we make the whole world our shared home.


Thanks to all involved:

Interviewers -

WONG Tsz Hei Angus (PID)

CHENG Nga Man Mercury (PID)

POON Chung Ting Kinki  (PID)


Interviewees -

Vivek Vijayan  (PID)

Laksmana Aurelia Giovanni  (CDM)

Apo Kyra Lan (PID)


©  Radio 708, 2015
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