Mar 062017

With all the activity at HKDI/LWL during the International Fortnight, we thought it would be great to go talk to some folks about their experiences in cross-cultural learning. Our two roaming correspondents, Ernest and Florin, went into the heart of the action to hear from a range of students and staff.

First, they speak to some international students about the struggles and successes they’ve had as non-native Cantonese speakers living in Hong Kong. They urge fellow students in a similar situation to get over their shyness, and just try to speak a little Cantonese whenever they can.

Next, Ernest and Florin secure an exclusive interview with LC Centre Head Carol Sze for her very first Radio 708 appearance. She discusses some excellent strategies for improving one’s Cantonese and for integrating into Hong Kong culture. Carol also suggests the power of the internet should be something all students should be taking advantage of when it comes to language acquisition.

After that, they speak to the new Academic Director of the Languages Discipline, Gary Au, about his own language-learning journey. Spoiler alert: the key to learning English may just be a steady diet of 1980s reggae music. He also discusses how technology is changing how young people learn.

Finally, Dr. Albert C. Cheuk, the Principal of Youth College, talks about the value of real-life, immersive learning situations, and how they can complement what is taught in the classroom. He also gives some suggestions on easy ways to improve your English without spending hours in the library. The good news is that you can explain to your parents that watching TV is actually homework! (As long as it’s in English)

It was enlightening to get such different perspectives. The theme across all the interviews seems to be that finding ways to use English (or language you want to learn) in your everyday life is the best way to become more confident.

Thanks to all who participated, and especially to Ernest and Florin for their hard work and wonderful interviewing style.

Student Interviewers:

TAM Yuen Yu Ernest

Programme code: IT114201-1A


GANTER Florin Bodo Hartmut

Programme Code: FS123002B-1A

Mar 062017








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DE114303-1A 程惠鈴

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