Sep 042012

the students stare lovingly into each other's eyes

In this episode, LC English teacher and  resident French expert Dale coaches some keen MIT students on the finer points of “The Beautiful Language”. Dale comes from Canada, where many people speak both English and French.

The students were instructed on how to make romantic overtures if in Paris, and they proved to be real naturals, telling each other with total sincerity about the love they had been keeping inside…

Much thanks to the students involved. Merci beaucoup! This was one of the most fun things we’ve done here at Radio 708. Of course, many thanks to Dale as well, for sharing his expertise — both linguistic and romantic!

Kwok Kin Kwong 61373/ 2A MIT
Leung Ka Ki 61373/ 2A MIT
How Lawrence Man Chung 61373/ 2A MIT
Lam Sim Kuen 61373/ 2A MIT
Chauu Tsz Ying 61373/ 2A MIT
Lee Fok Long Danniel 61373/ 2A MIT
Hung Cheung Hang 61373/ 2A MIT


listen below, and learn more romantic French phrases here!


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May 102012

In this clip our lovely Chatteris PCs weigh in with their expertise on a variety of important subjects, ranging from how to pick up girls using English (Chris) to how to buy nice clothes on a budget in English (Kelly).

The students interviewing Chris and Kelly are:

Yau Chun Kin 61391/2A CDM
Lau Ka Fai 61391/2A CDM
Lai Jackson Yiu Sing 61391/2A CDM
Chiu Wai Hung 61391/2A CDM
Chan Hiu Ching 61391/2A CDM
Yiu Chiu Ping 61391/2A CDM
Poon Chui Yee 61391/2A CDM


It’s an informative and very funny discussion. Enjoy!

listen below


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