May 102012

In this clip our lovely Chatteris PCs weigh in with their expertise on a variety of important subjects, ranging from how to pick up girls using English (Chris) to how to buy nice clothes on a budget in English (Kelly).

The students interviewing Chris and Kelly are:

Yau Chun Kin 61391/2A CDM
Lau Ka Fai 61391/2A CDM
Lai Jackson Yiu Sing 61391/2A CDM
Chiu Wai Hung 61391/2A CDM
Chan Hiu Ching 61391/2A CDM
Yiu Chiu Ping 61391/2A CDM
Poon Chui Yee 61391/2A CDM


It’s an informative and very funny discussion. Enjoy!

listen below


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