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Stella Lau of the Language Centre, her drum teacher and studio owner Jon Lee,  and some very musical students  got together on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death to pay tribute in song. In the clip below you can hear the results, as Stella sings a Nirvana classic. There then follows a fascinating interview with Jon, who gives an insider’s view on how the music industry is changing both in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Finally, this clip ends with a fiery, technically flawless drum solo.

The Nirvana  song in this clip is “About a Girl”, from Nirvana’s first album, Bleach. You can read along to the lyrics here.

The students involved are Brian Ho and Wallace Chan, both from class 61976S in the CDM Department. Thanks for your help guys!


Brian Ho 61976s CDM
Wallace Chan 61976s CDM


listen below


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May 092012

Lin Lok Lok came by the studio to record the recent Coldplay hit “Fix You” (listen below) and to chat with Kent and Jeannette about their different roles in the band, which artists inspire them, and what it’s like to be a young band in Hong Kong. They also speak about why they chose to cover this song, such as its ability to inspire people to overcome the difficulties in their life.

The group has 7 members, including two lead vocalists, guitarists, and a bassist, as well as some percussion, so it was a real challenge for our student production team from the MIT department. However, as you can hear from the recording, they succeeded brilliantly.

It’s an intimate version of a stadium ballad, and it’s preceded by a funny and candid interview with most of the band.

Lin Lok Lok are:

Wong Cho Hang 61336/2A CDM
Chan Hiu Wai 61336/2A CDM
Wong Yuk Cheung 61336/2A CDM
Wong Ho Fung 61336/2A CDM
Suen Siu Man 61336/2A CDM
Fung Yui Chung 61336/2A CDM
Lin Ka Lok 61336/2A CDM
Tse Ka Wai 61336/2A CDM


Here are the lyrics to “Fix You”.

listen below


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May 032012

CDM student Benz gets sensitive with a touching version of the classic George Benson tune “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You“. The Language Centre’s very own Laurence Li accompanies Benz on piano, while Kent and the MIT students created the rest of the backing track.

This was one of the first recordings we ever did here at Radio 708, and we thank everyone involved (especially Benz!!) for doing such a good job.

Hui Kwun Hung (Benz) 61976S-2 CDM


Here are the lyrics if you’d like to sing along!

listen below



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