Jun 052019

Chelsea, Godfrey and Hermoza are 3 first-year Digital Music and Media students who are keeping themselves busy outside of class with a number of musical projects. Together, all three are part of a group called “Radio”. Godfrey and Hermoza also play in another great band: Sunset Moth.

They came to the CILL and told us all about their favorite artists, which classes they are most enjoying, the highs and lows of live performance and where they see their own musical paths taking them in the future.

It was great to sit down and hear these promising students’ thoughts, but it would be even better to hear them play, so make sure you check out Radio and Sunset Moth live and show them some love!





Jun 152018

去年暑假,我們的學生北上實習,有的去了上海,有的去了北京,還有在古都西安和南京的。 今天我們就請來了兩位在南京和西安實習的甘同學和吳同學,分享他們在實習過程的有趣經歷。 甘同學在六朝古都西安實習,他實習的崗位是秦始皇陵兵馬俑的導賞員,每天負責接待全國乃至世界不同地方的來賓參觀,并向他們介紹兵馬俑的歷史,包括每個坑的發掘過程。 1  2 4   6 另一位吳同學去了南京一家五星級酒店做市場推廣及海報設計,主要職責是對內和酒店不同部門協調溝通,對外和出版商以及印刷廠聯繫,通過這一個月的實習,吳同學認為自己的普通話水平有了很大的提升。 8     1   繁忙的工作之餘,我們的同學也不忘體驗當地的美食,欣賞當地的美景: 甘同學最推薦的就是西安的回民街,它是西安著名的美食文化街,是西安特色小吃最集中的街区。街道两旁大量的美食店铺,近300种特色风味小吃,各種清真副食、餐饮店和回民小吃店扑面而来。甘同学最喜欢的就是当地出名的小吃,肉夹馍加冰峰汽水。 1   2 13  14 吳同學就來到了夫子廟,它是一座位於南京市秦淮河北岸貢院街的孔廟。經過大力發展,現在形成了以夫子廟為中心、廟市街景合一的秦淮風光景區,也是集文化、旅遊、購物、服務為一體的文化活動中心。 21   20 8  11 就請我們一起來體驗同學們的有趣經歷吧。   主持人:謝芷瑩 FID124301_2D 受訪者:吳永康 AIP114503_2B 甘源龍AIP114503_2B

Feb 262018

The years that students spend in College can be one of the most exciting and rewarding periods of their lives. They are able to pursue the subjects they love and find a new level of freedom and trust from their teachers. However, they can be stressful and tumultuous (混亂的) years as well, full of changes, and often students need help, advice or just a reminder that there are people who care about their wellbeing.

With that in mind, the following interview is for anyone who may be dealing with negative thoughts, social anxiety (社交焦慮), or trauma (心理創傷), or for anyone who knows someone who might be. When depression (抑鬱), isolation (孤獨) or grief (悲傷) appear, it can feel overwhelming, but there are ways to make it easier

In this episode, our student interviewers, Danny and Keith, speak to Phyllis and Dino from the Student Development Office (SDO) about these issues, and discuss ways to either cope (應付) oneself, or help someone else.


They speak about common misconceptions (誤解) around depression, such as the feeling that “it’s all my fault” or that you are alone in feeling this way. Of course, many people struggle with negative thoughts, but some are better at hiding it. The message here is: You are not alone. These are common feelings. Seeking help can be a little scary, though, as it means admitting (承認) something is wrong. Sometimes, the hardest thing is trusting someone else enough to be honest.

Many students will experience hardship or loss, and may not have the supports in place to help them work through it. Phyllis suggests three things to help work through these difficult times: staying connected to other people, physical exercise, and getting enough sleep.


In addition to these three habits, seeking help from trained professionals is usually helpful. Students are encouraged to visit the Student Development Office at LW113 or write them at dilwl-sdo@vtc.edu.hk if they ever feel the need for a helping hand, or just a confidential (機密的) conversation. Students who would like to help are also strongly encouraged to ask about the Peer Counselor Training Program, where they can learn how to best support friends and fellow students.

Asked for any final advice they might have for students who are dealing with negative feelings, Dino repeats a simple maxim:

Pain is short. Life is long. You are strong.

Young people often worry that the way they feel now will be the way they will always feel. It may take time, work and patience, but there is a way to find happiness again.

We sincerely thank everyone involved with this interview for taking the time to discuss the important topic of mental health, and remind students to reach out and ask for help when things get tough. We all need help sometimes. You are not alone.

Special thanks to our DJs:

Danny Kong (DE114104-2F) HD in Digital Music and Media

Castro, Keith Cyrus Angeles (DE114104-2F) HD in Digital Music and Media

Nov 272017

This is a very special program today, as our energetic and charismatic student host, Danny, sits down with Mr. Flansco Yan from the SEN Teaching Support Team of the Principal’s Office to discuss issues related to students with disabilities. Many students in Hong Kong cope with physical disabilities, behavioural disorders, or developmental or emotional issues. These issues can make school life, an already stressful and sometimes frustrating experience, even tougher. In turn, our teachers and staff have the difficult job of trying to look out for every student and anticipate how to support them individually.


In this interview, Danny and Mr. Yan discuss several of the impairments our students are living with, and suggest strategies for peers and teachers to effectively help friends and students who might be struggling a little bit harder in a world often designed for just one type of person.

They begin their conversation by considering some of the more common conditions and disabilities the SDO encounters, such as dyslexia, motor and hearing impairment, and Asperger’s and autism.

From there, they discuss the importance of “peer support” – that is, students supporting other students – and Mr. Yan mentions that the SDO actually runs programs that can train students to become Peer Counsellors. Most people are more comfortable talking to friends than teachers, counsellors, or even parents, so it’s good to know how to help when our friends and classmates reach out to us.


Mr. Yan then gives advice to teachers, in terms of how they can better accommodate the range of needs present in the classroom, including before and after lessons. So, teachers: Listen up!

Mr. Yan then shares a nice analogy when Danny asks about the similarities between students: Essentially, we’re not all the same, and that’s a good thing. According to an old Chinese expression, every finger on your hand has a different size, shape, and strength, but each has something special it can do, and each one is necessary for your hand to function. Similarly, while students may have deficits in one area, in another area they might be uniquely gifted, and sometimes those gifts will only be revealed when everyone works together.

The interview ends with some stories of the positive outcomes Mr. Yan has witnessed (and helped bring about). However, he is clear-eyed about the fact that successes come and go, and it is important to always be turning to those next to us and asking ourselves, again and again, if we can help.

Special thanks to our student DJ:
Danny KONG (DE114104-2F) HD in Digital Music and Media

Mar 062017








IT114115-1B 鄧梓汶
DE114303-1A 程惠鈴

IT114115-1B 梁煒楠
DE114303-1G 吳穎詩



Oct 112016

Transmedia 1


Transmedia 2

受訪的徐同學和劉同學最近一直在做《紀念日》的超媒體宣傳,他們選擇了facebook作為宣傳平台,上載與該電影相關的文字和照片,甚至視頻,讓粉絲可以在網上追溯電影主角的過去;而且,facebook 還有一個好處,它可以把角色的家庭關係列出來,令粉絲更清楚角色的來龍去脈。主辦方就可以通過平台和粉絲互動,和他們聊天,吸引他們融入故事,推動故事發展。在訪問中,兩位同學會與大家分享他們的親身經歷,以及他們對超媒體的看法。看完了整個訪問後,別忘了到臉書參加有獎問答遊戲呀。

Radio 708 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/radio708/

嘉賓:徐元澤、劉廣生   CDM114109-1-2 超媒體專業高級文憑
主持:施逸廷 CDM124101-1-4 廣告專業高級文憑

Feb 022015

In a hilarious 3-on-3 interview, our local students pick the brains of some of our International students.



In the interview below, Angus, Mercury and Kinky (three local students) sit down with Vivek, Aurelia and Kyra (three international students) for a conversation that surely holds the Radio 708 record for most laughs per minute.


It’s perhaps no surprise that the life of an International student at HKDI-LWL has some unique challenges, and our local interviewers do a wonderful job of discovering how life is different for non-local students. At the same time, the International students are not shy about turning the tables and getting the interviewers to open up as well.



What unfolds is a funny and freewheeling conversation where we discover that local and non-local students have far more in common with each other than might be expected.

There is some talk at the beginning of the interview about how local students might be nervous to chat with International students because they are afraid their English might not be good enough. As Vivek, Aurelia and Kira point out, they too are intimidated to speak in Cantonese for the same reasons. What this interview demonstrates is that it’s important to just start the conversation. Very likely, the person who you thought was so different from you will be happy you said hello (or “néih hóu”), and you might just make lifelong friend. At the very least, it is an opportunity to learn and, as Angus puts it, “broaden your horizons.”

Kira, Kinky, Mercury, Angus, Aurelia and Vivek

Kyra, Kinky, Mercury, Angus, Aurelia and Vivek



Some of the topics covered here include: where to find authentic international food; the benefits of having local friends; differences in how local and non-local students spend their free time; who is dating who; and, whether Angus does or does not in fact have “MK” style (he insists he does not), among many others.

It’s a truly funny and entertaining interview. Many thanks and congratulations to the interviewers for their hard work on this program, and of course our great appreciation on their behalf to our three International students for being such game subjects and being so willing to share.


It is our genuine hope that this conversation might encourage both local and non-local students to begin more conversations with each other. There’s nothing to lose, and these students show us just how much there can be to gain. “International” simply means “between countries”, after all. No person or place is truly international except in that moment when they reach out to what lies beyond the familiar. It’s in that small, brave act that we make the whole world our shared home.


Thanks to all involved:

Interviewers -

WONG Tsz Hei Angus (PID)

CHENG Nga Man Mercury (PID)

POON Chung Ting Kinki  (PID)


Interviewees -

Vivek Vijayan  (PID)

Laksmana Aurelia Giovanni  (CDM)

Apo Kyra Lan (PID)


©  Radio 708, 2015
Dec 152014

Info day at HKDI/LWL is almost like a carnival. More so than probably any other campus, we are able to display a truly fascinating range of projects, products, activities and research. As in years past, the public came in great numbers as we opened our doors. For hour after hour on Friday and Saturday, our campus was buzzing with activity, as tourists, locals, alumni and others were welcomed by our wonderful students. For their part, the students entertained and taught visitors about their respective programs, and made their teachers and themselves proud.

Throughout the festivities, the CDM department welcomed visitors with great music.

Throughout the festivities, the CDM department welcomed visitors with great music.

On Saturday, we took some time to get to know some of those students. Below you can listen to conversations from students representing several departments. They talk about the challenges they’ve encountered and the goals they’ve accomplished so far. They also share their dreams for the future.

Ronald Suen, a CDM student who has already started his own production company, "Virgarious".

Ronald Suen, a CDM student who has already started his own production company, “Virgarious”.
























First, we speak to Ronald Suen. Although he is still studying, he is already preparing for his life after graduation. Not only does he make and play music himself (he describes himself as a “Metalhead”), but he also works with filmakers and musicians from here in Hong Kong and from the United States, as well as having recently helped establish the production companies, Virgarious and StuDuo.

Paul and Vincent, helping to make Hong Kong a more livable city.

Paul and Vincent, helping to make Hong Kong a more livable city.


Next we spoke to Paul and Vincent, two students who have been studying Landscape Architecture, which falls under the umbrella of the PID department. They explain how they came to love this field, and their hope for designing a greener, more natural Hong Kong. Both are on track to continue their studies after graduation, possibly via the SHAPE top-up degree program.

Aries is currently hard at work on her Final Year Project, based on a theme of Surrealism.

Aries is currently hard at work on her Final Year Project, based on a theme of Surrealism.


Ada and Peach are FID students focusing on Styling and Photography.

Ada and Peach are FID students focusing on Styling and Photography.


Next, we headed to the eighth floor to catch up with some fashion students. Aries, who is studying Makeup and Hairstyling, and Ada and Peach, who are Styling and Photography students, told us about their experiences so far at HKDI/LWL. They all cited the amount of collaboration, with both teachers and other students, as one of the most valuable aspects of their education here. As it happens, students from these two streams will work together on their final year project, with each contributing in their area of expertise to make a fully realized creation.

Kiyan hopes to someday become a fashion magazine editor.

Kiyan hopes to someday become a fashion magazine editor.

On the seventh floor, we met Kiyan, a first-year Fashion Branding and Buying student, who already has big dreams of becoming a fashion magazine editor. She told us honestly about her inital struggles with the change from secondary school to HKDI/LWL, especially with regards to deadlines. However, it was clear in speaking to her that Kiyan is an incredibly bright and ambitious student. There’s little doubt that she will find success in the future, as long as she keeps winning her fights with deadlines!

Our final stop was on the fifth floor, where we met up with three students manning the Publication Design and Print Media display. South, Michael and Howard all came to this field of study for different reasons, and all plan to pursue different careers afterwards. This fact is testament to the collaborative and dynamic nature of studying here. They are all able to use their various talents to work together.

Howard, South and Michael: educating, entertaining, and trying to stay warm.

Howard, South and Michael: educating, entertaining, and trying to stay warm.


As well, representatives from the Language Center met with students from all departments. Together they had a lively discussion about their life on campus and their plans for the future.

Members of the English and Putonghua teams chat with students during the "What a Campus!" event.

Members of the English and Putonghua teams chat with students during the “What a Campus!” event.

As usual, Info Day proved to be an exciting and thought-provoking affair. Teachers and students proudly explained the fruits of their hard work to the public and to each other. We were happy to be able to document it in part. There was simply too much to fit into a single radio program. We therefore urge any students or teachers who we didn’t get to speak to to get in touch and let us help you share your passion in a future episode.

Listen to the full program below. Thanks to all students and staff who were involved! Until next year!

Ronald Suen (CDM)

Chan Lok Wing (Paul) & Ho Fan Ho (Vincent) (PID)

Wu Kam Wing (Aries), Ada Yip & Peach Wan (FID)

Ng Ki Yan (Kiyan) (FID)

Ko Man Wun (South), Ho Sheung Fai (Howard) & Lam Yu Hong (Michael) (PID)


Facebook: Post by Radio 708.




©  Radio 708, 2015
Nov 112014

In this, our first video episode of Radio 708, PC Michael sits down with our students to teach them the basics of Italian. Michael is from the UK, but he has Italian roots. He is a great teacher, but nonetheless our attentive students realize that mastering the unique rhythms and tongue rolls of Italian takes more than just a few minutes of practice. The result is a very entertaining language lesson focusing on such essential vocabulary as how to ask a girl out on a date, how to order wine in a restaurant, and how to get a discount when out shopping.

Here are some of the key phrases, so that you can practice along with the students.

Ciao, mi chiamo…
Hello, my name is…

Senti, vorrei prendere qualcosa da mangiare stajera?
Listen, would you like to grab something to eat this evening?

Questo vino e buonissimo!
This wine is very good!

Scusi, mi dai un altro?
Excuse me, may I have another?

Quanto costa?
How much is it?

Please enjoy, and practice along with the students so that the next time you find yourself in Rome, you can take a local on a date and buy them a discount ice cream.

Many thanks to Michael, who can still be found in the CILL every Tuesday, and all the students involved! Until next time, Ciao!

The students are:

CHOW Yu Lam, Kate (CDM)

YIM Hoi Ki, Jenny (CDM)

WONG Cho Kit, Alex (BA)

CHANG Ka Hei, Hei (MIT)

YAU Tsz Tung, Hugo (MIT)




©  Radio 708, 2015
Jun 112014


Charlie Kayi with a "Jungle in a Bottle"

Charlie Kayi, a cat and a “Jungle in a Bottle”

The career of self-described “Lifestyle Product Designer” and brand consultant Charlie Kayi has taken some unexpected turns since she graduated from HKDI-LWL’s Timepiece Design and Branding Program in 2008. After some initial false starts, and a “dark period” where she almost turned her back on design altogether, Charlie has found, or rather created, a lucrative and original niche for herself. In this interview, Janice and Waily return to Radio 708 to learn about Charlie’s unique line of products, as well as her journey from student to successful entrepreneur.

Charlie’s flagship product is “Jungle in a Bottle” — one of those ideas that is so simple but so immediately appealing that its success seems inevitable. However, such accomplishments were not always so assured. After turning down an offer to continue studies at University, and some time as a Product Development Manager at Guy-LaRoche, Charlie found herself the victim of weak economy. Unemployed and unsure of her future, she pieced together enough freelance work to pay her bills. Eventually, against the advice of many people, she took a leap and began her own company, Delication.

Waily, Charlie and Janice

Waily, Charlie and Janice

Turning away from her background in timepiece and fine jewelry design, Charlie returned to her roots, so to speak. As a child growing up in bucolic Sai Kung, Charlie and her brother would catch insects to keep as pets. Sadly, these small friends would often “give up the ghost” after just a brief stay. Using lessons from her science class, however, Charlie experimented with building small ecosystems that could sustain life. As the name suggests, “Jungle in a Bottle” is a more evolved version of these early trials. It allows anyone to keep a miniature, self-contained natural world right in their own home. While the inclusion of bugs has proven less than welcome among Hong Kong consumers, the principle of finding and maintaining a delicate, symbiotic balance remains at the very heart of the “Jungle in a Bottle” concept.


Although her current work is not directly related to the subject she studied at HKDI-LWL, Charlie believes the experience she acquired here has served her very well. Because she gained a broad understanding of how the different facets of a design company must cooperate in order to create a quality product, she is comfortable being a “bridge” between departments, making her an excellent manager. She is able to oversee everything from product design, to marketing, to branding, and as a result “Delication” is vertically integrated and able to maintain consistent standards.

With all her success, Charlie refuses to rest on her laurels. As she embarks on exciting new directions, such as 14377340964_3600c04304_bincorporating bio-technology (get ready for plants that tweet when they are thirsty), she continues to make environmental awareness personal and interactive, helping us city-dwellers forge anew our connection to the natural world. Few projects could be considered more timely.

We extend our appreciation to Charlie for making the time to come and chat with us. All of us at Radio 708, and at HKDI-LWL, wish Charlie continued success. Of course, many thanks again to Janice and Waily for their great work in preparing and conducting this interview.

Make sure to visit Charlie’s workshop at PMQ, as well as Delication’s website and facebook page.


Listen to the interview below.



©  Radio 708, 2015
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