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Lampros' latest adventure finds him sharing his experience at HKDI/LWL

Lampros Faslis (www.lamprosfaslis.com) has already had a lot of success in a variety of fields of art and design. He has experience in architecture, interior design, hair and make-up styling, art direction and more. He has directed advertisement campaigns, fashion films and editorials for many high-profile clients.


One of Lampros' more whimsical creations

He has collaborated with the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, Nick Knight and Maria Piana. Furthermore, his work has appeared in some of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world, including Vogue Italia, Elle, I-D, Volt and many other publications.

In this episode of Radio 708, Lampros sat down with three of our MIT students to talk about his journey in the world of fashion, challenges he has faced, and advice for aspiring artists, designers and otherwise creative types. He talks frankly about his experience so far in Hong Kong. He also recounts his early career and education in London, and the excitement of that city, but also his roots in Greece and his latest endeavours.

Our three MIT students, DJ, Florenzia and Ching,  conducted perhaps the most compelling and thorough interview we have ever featured on the Radio 708, conversing in depth with Lampros on a wide range of topics.

Many, many thanks to the student DJs for their hard work in preparing and for their professional and engaging interviewing abilities. Of course, we would also extend our sincere thanks to Lampros for allowing us to take advantage of his knowledge. Everyone present at the interview took inspiration from his uniquely creative  approach to life and work.

Since this interview is a little longer than usual, here is an approximate rundown of the topics covered, in order:

  • Introduction and current work at HKDI and elsewhere
  • Development as an artist and growing up in Greece
  • The differences between HK and Western style, focusing on HKDI students
  • The challenges of teaching in Hong Kong, and the successes of HKDI students
  • Thoughts on the creative process
  • Finding inspiration in Hong Kong and HKDI students
  • The importance of collaboration and “Communities of Practice”
  • The idea that students in Hong Kong may have less creative freedom and tend to work “in a vacuum”
  • What Lampros does for fun
  • Advice for young people who want to start a career in Design
  • One very important make-up tip

This was a very enjoyable episode to create, and everyone at Radio 708 would like to thank Lampros for being such a gracious and interesting interviewee. Best of luck in the future, Lampros!

The student DJs are:

Chan Chun Kit, DJ IT 114201 MIT
Cheuk Sherley Florenzia IT 114201 MIT
Yu Ka Ching IT114201 MIT

Please listen below:


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