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The lyrics re-write competition was held in January this year.  On this occasion, we have invited 4 very special guests. All of them were the contestants of the competition who are talented in lyrics writing.  In the program, they will share with us their special techniques used in lyrics writing as well as their aspiration in music.

Interviewees’ Profiles

  1. Julia (Best Singer), HD in Digital Music and Media
  2. Crystal (2nd Runner-up), HD in Digital Music and Media
  3. Shiyin (Best lyrics), HD in Visual Communication
  4. Trin (Guest Musician), HD in Digital Music and Media

Julia, Trin, Crystal (back)

 DJ Tommy, Minnie, Shiyin (front)


When asked why they were interested in joining this competition, all of them have different reasons.  Some joined because they simply wanted to have fun. “I didn’t write lyrics before. I had so much fun in the competition”, said Shiyin.  However, for contestant Trin, he joined because the competition coincided with almost the same as what he was doing at the time.  They chose to re-write the lyrics for the songs that are very meaningful to them. “I chose Olivia Ong’s Sweet Melody. It’s a Japanese song. I can’t sing Japanese, so I can sing and share this song to my friends”, said Crystal.

“Are there any special techniques for lyrics writing?”

Sometimes, people attend master lectures, professional workshops or seminars hoping to get a glimpse of the trade secrets or survival tools of the masters.  When asked to share their special techniques used for lyrics writing, to our surprise, they could not recall any such tools or techniques in particular, “the lyrics just come to my mind, and I didn’t think about it deeply”, said Julia.  Probably they performed well naturally and won the competition due to their talent. Furthermore, it is gratifying to know that they have managed to apply what they have learnt in classes (for the music students) in the competition.  Eventually, they revealed more about the techniques used for winning this competition.  Tune in the program for more details.

A career in music?  Perhaps not for everybody.

Musicians often work freelance. They are paid on a per project basis.  Most parents expect their children to get a permanent job with stable income after they have gone through tertiary education.  It seems that working freelance in the music industry is somewhat contrary to what most parents expect.  In the program, the contestants share the challenges they face, the difficulties they had with families, and the worries that they had in pursuing a career in music, their dream.  “My mum does not support me to be a musician!” said Crystal.

“My grandpa is a music composer.  He didn’t make a lot of money, so he didn’t let me learn music,” as revealed by the host.  “Most people simply think that we are messing about, fooling around”, said Trin.

We thank the contestants for their sharing and wish them every success in the future.  Stay tuned for more exciting radio programs.


Thanks to Interviewers involved:

Tang Wing Lam, Minnie (HD in Mechanical Engineering,DILWL)
Kwong Ting Him, DJ Tommy (HD in Environmental Science,CW)


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