Dec 042012

"Living Lounge" are making some noise on campus

In the second half of our Open Day 2012 coverage (part one can be found here), we continue to explore the many interesting projects, pursuits and promotions staged by students of HKDI/IVE(LWL). Saturday saw even more members of the public strolling around campus, and students from every department came together to make sure all our guests had a memorable day.

VAC students showing off their "wearable art"

In this episode we speak to some students making “wearable art”, others who are finding inspiration for functional furniture in found objects, fashion students making the world more beautiful one face at a time, and (of course) some who are following their musical muse.

Bobo overseeing the beautification of FID students

Living Lounge, whose Facebook page is here, blew away a small crowd with a catchy and very tight original composition. Later, Lydia Pau, who was featured in an earlier Radio 708 post, gave an intimate and uncommonly soulful performance of the classic ballad “Desperado“.

Lydia with a stunning rendition of The Eagles' "Desperado"


Caterpillar welcomed guests under the escalator

Caterpillar, also former Radio 708 contributors, played originals and covers to guests as they entered the campus, their sunny songs echoing all through the main boulevard.

PID students in front of their "organic furniture" models

Visitors making use of PID creations


All in all, Open Day 2012 was a huge success, providing more interesting sights and sounds than we could capture, despite our best efforts. It is a tribute to the hard work of all the students (and staff!) that contribute to making HKDI/IVE(LWL) such a vibrant and fun campus. We’re counting down the days until next year! It was, in addition,  also a reminder that we should all take advantage of the fact that so many interesting people in so many fields are working so closely together here, and always be discovering and rediscovering our own campus.

Listen below!

Many thanks to all the students involved. They are:

Fung Ming Tung PID
Lee Pui Yee PID
Tong Ka Man PID
Lam Wai Lok, Lok CDM
Leung Ka Wai, Sai Sai CDM
Cheng Yuk Yam, Bro CDM
So Wai Chun, Steven CDM
Lam Kiu Ting, Bobo FID
Cheng Wing Hei VAC/DFS
Chan Chi Yin VAC/DFS
Leung Yiu Wa VAC/DFS
Pau Chung Yan, Lydia CDM



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